Meco Pocket Holsters... One man custom making one holster at a time. It isn’t often that when you ask around about a CCW pocket holster for a new Micro Desert Eagle .380 you will receive any good information. I belong to both the NRA as well as the USCCA and I received emails from a lot of my peers letting me know that Meco Custom front and rear pocket holsters were unmatched in quality, craftsmanship, function, utility and price.

For a hand made custom holster I felt that the prices were most reasonable the customer service was exceptional and I have never heard from so many different people about one single person, who makes the very best custom pocket holsters out of the finest leathers to fit just about any CCW carry weapon that you could ever imagine.

A big shout out to Robert Locke who makes each holster by hand himself and is a very talented craftsman. He lives in Texas and has this superior talent and does everything himself and accepts nothing less than perfection. He is about as anal as I am, and my wife says that I could get a trophy. So, here is what I’m going to say, if you ever need a good quality pocket holster, front or rear pocket with no silhouette, one that is custom made for just a bit more than a cheap import would cost, look up Mr. Locke.

Not only will you be treated like a real person should be treated, you’ll get a product that you can someday boast that you have a Meco Holster by Robert Locke. I received my holster today and I will say that in my many years of carrying concealed, these are the best looking, best fitting, quick to draw with about 5 minutes practice. I still find it hard to believe that more manufactures don’t take their products and services as seriously as Mr. Locke does.

I am honestly thrilled, excited and very pleased with my purchase. If you want to have any of your customers email me for a reference please do. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Great products!

David Miller

Robert Locke of San Antonio, Texas, owns Meco Pocket Holsters. Robert makes some of the nicest, most functional, quality leather, hand molded pocket holsters available at a reasonable price. All of his pocket holster designs are original works of art, hand crafted by Robert - and they work! A Robert Locke Meco Pocket Holster will keep your Seecamp straight up in your pocket and discreetly concealed. These holsters do not print, and perhaps most important, they remain in your pocket when you draw your gun.

Dr. Bruce Eimer
"The Armed Senior Citizen" columnist
Concealed Carry Magazine, July 2009

I recently purchased a Standard Rear Pocket Holster for a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace Laser site. It was a stitched, smooth lined holster.

When I originally placed the order, I emailed Mr. Locke regarding delivery, within 1/2 hour he emailed me back. Told me 6 weeks or less, it was less. Very nice holster, great material and the Ruger fit nicely.

I had a question, email Mr. Locke again, within minutes he replied with an answer. Also stated if I had questions to please call. He had answered my question, so I felt no need to call. Then I received a call from Mr. Locke asking me if everything was o.k. He was concerned that his reply would be taken wrong by me. I assured him, being close to Detroit, not much bothers me.

I work for a very large Utility company here in Metro Detroit, I am a Manager in the Collection Department. I deal with people all day every day and know what customer appreciate is and what it means. I want to acknowledge Mr. Locke and say, I will refer as many people looking for holsters as I can to him. With that type of customer service and follow up, how can you not.

Thank you so much for the holster, and keep up the good work.

Allen Park MI.

Just want to share how delighted I am with my first holster I received from Robert today. The fit and finish are excellent and so are the .32 and 380 Mag Holders I ordered. I spoke with Robert before I ordered and he was very helpful on the decision on which holster type would work best for me. Communication during this transaction was also outstanding and fast shipping was accomplished via USPS Priority Mail. I will be purchasing the first two back pocket Ruger LCP 380 holsters once he gears up. A very pleasurable experience.

Capt Al
Seecamp Forum

One of my pet peeves about a holster is that it must function. Yep, I like a great looking holster like anybody else, but more than looks it must work.

I've been toting my LWS 380 in the Meco Black Widow for a week, give or take (I carry daily and sometimes very active), and not once has it flopped around in my pocket. I've spoken to Robert about this as I was pleased that the holster functions well. I think it needs some breaking in time still, but I like the fact that it doesn't lose orientation in my pocket. The breaking in period will allow the holster to get that wrap around the thigh fit. I have a difficult time removing the holster from my pocket, this is a great problem! Too many times holsters will follow the pistol out upon drawing from the pocket, there is slight chance with this one. With or without a pistol in this holster, while it rides in my pocket there is a challenge to remove it. The smooth inners makes for a glide in placement for holstering up, something else that is important. Form, function, fitments, and craftsmanship sums up Meco's holster he created for me. I'm very pleased so far and I can't imagine this holster residing in one of my bottom drawers or in a box somewhere with other unused holsters.

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What can I say... Simply put, these are some of the finest holsters available anywhere. Meco holsters are destined to become "Classics". I needed something special for everyday carry. Robert talked with me at length about my specific needs and then created my custom holster exactly as I envisioned... He's honest, up front, and very fast. Delivery time was exceptional. I highly recommend Meco Holsters... I now own five of his creations and use every one of them. Great quality at a great price... Thanks Robert

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