C What firearms to you make pocket holsters for?
I offer front and rear pocket holsters for the guns listed below as well as many others I have acquired over time. I now also make outside carry holsters such as the pancake and Avenger style. At this time if you have something you want and do not see it on the site, give me a call. Seecamp LWS .32 and LWS .380, the Rohrbaugh R9 and R9S, the Kel-Tec .32, P3AT and PF9, the Kahr PM 9 and P 380, the Micro Desert Eagle, the Ruger LCP, the Boberg XR9S and the North American Arms .32, .32NAA Guardian and .380NAA Guardian.

What colors are your pocket holsters available in?
My standard colors are black, mahogany and natural. If you'd like another color, please email me. Chances are I can craft a holster in the color of your choice.

What is the delivery time for your holsters?
Delivery times vary with my workload. For specific information at any given time, please email me.

What is the cost for shipping?
Shipping via U.S. Priority Mail is a standard $7.50 per order to anywhere in the United States.

If I am mailing in payment, to whom should my check be made payable?
Please make checks or money orders payable to Meco Pocket Holsters.

How do I pay??
At this time, you may pay with Paypal to You may also pay by check or money order via U.S. Mail, and if those options are not to your liking I can accept credit card payments by phone.

What if my question isn't answered here?
Feel free to get in touch with me by email by clicking here.


These warnings should be read prior to the use of Mecopocketholsters products. All firearms are potentially dangerous. Serious personal injury or even death could occur without proper training in safe handling of firearms by an accredited firearms safety course. No person should handle any firearm unless such person has successfully passed an accredited firearms safety program. Great care should be used when handling, storing or transporting firearms or when placing or removing a handgun from your Mecopocketholsters.

Never place a loaded handgun in a holster without first testing, in an unloaded condition, for proper fit with the handgun. Carrying any handgun with a live cartridge in the chamber immediately in front of the firing pin may cause an accidental discharge. Single action revolvers should be carried with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber. It is the user's responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun, and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded. Do not attempt to cock a handgun while it is in the holster. Cocking the weapon while holstered may cause an accidental discharge. Keep all guns secure from children. Mecopocketholsters are designed to fit factory equipped handguns. The use of trigger shoes or grip adapters or any modifications to the handgun may cause improper holster fit and accidental discharge. All Mecopocketholsters are made for specific handguns. Any alteration to the holster or using it with a gun for which it was not made can create an unsafe condition. It is the user's responsibility to regularly check the holster and its hardware (including, but not limited to snaps and screws) for proper fit and function. Should any Mecopocketholsters product become worn, loose, broken, defective or ill-fitting, cease use immediately.

Securely seat gun in the holster before use. Keep fingers clear of trigger when drawing or replacing handgun in holster. During strenuous physical activity, such as running, the gun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the gun from falling out of the holster. We strongly suggest a regular practice regimen be utilized to assure the continued capabilities of both holster and user.

No refunds or exchanges will be given on exotic skins, alterations or custom orders.