Meco Pocket Holsters was founded in 2008 by my Dad, Robert Locke of San Antonio, Texas. A retired Postal employee, He owned and operated a successful custom welding shop since 1995 (R.L. Welding) He took up custom leather holster crafting as a hobby and learned from one of the Masters of the industry, RJ Hedley of Hedley Holsters. In a very short time, He was turning out some very professional holsters with careful thought on form, function and quality. He began offering his creations on the Seecamp forums and He was selling them out as fast as he could make them. His hobby has become a passion which he passed on to me, his son Tim.

I, like my Dad, believe the key to success is in using only top quality materials, maintaining the highest standards in quality of workmanship for every piece, providing excellent customer service, and clear, timely communications.   

So, if you're looking for a handcrafted quality leather holster at a more than fair price, then I invite you to try out one of my products.

A special thanks must be given to R.J. Hedley (Hedley Holsters) for without his guidance and instruction Meco Pocket Holsters would have never been. A sincere and heartfelt Thank You to a friend and mentor.

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