For those that don't know my Dad, (Meco) Robert Locke passed away suddenly on September 18th due to pancreatic cancer. He was 69 years old. I miss him terribly.

My Dad and I were friends as well as father and son. I was born 6 days before my dad turned 16. So that meant we kind of grew up together to some extent, which in turn meant we stirred up some trouble that a father and son probably shouldn't. All in all I wouldn't do any of it different if I could.

As time would have it as we got older and my job took me far from home we didn't see each other much for quite a few years. Well believe it or not, it was a menudo recipe that got us back in touch. (That is another story though) Anyway Dad told me about how he went down to Florida and learned the art of making Pocket Holsters from RJ Hedley. He was so passionate about it, it was contagious. Soon we were hanging out in the shop together and he was teaching me. He started out giving me some tools and some leather and having me do some small things. I got help from others in the leather community also and then it just grew from there. Next thing I know I was doing some of my own work. Like I said, Dadís passion was contagious.

It was Dad and my dream to actually be working together one day. He was actually looking to sell their place in San Antonio and move up here around Tyler to actually make that dream come true. Well, needless to say life had other plans. The last time I actually got to talk to Dad was Memorial Day weekend. It was a good time. He would get tired easily but we made the best of it. On Memorial day before I left to come home he called me in the room and told me that when he passed the Leather Shop was mine. It was a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I would much rather have my Dad rather than his stuff and Sweet because he had the confidence in me that I could do it.

As most that knew him would tell you he was a good man. If Dad considered you a friend then you were his friend in every meaning of the word. He was Loyal. Well, hereís to you Dad. I still hear you while I'm working with the leather.

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